Roberto Vecchioni

Roberto Vecchioni, born in Carate Brianza in 1943 is a singer, songwriter and also a teacher (nicknamed "il professore"). In his lyrics the common themes are nostalgia for the past, the double, the use of history as a metaphor for the present.
Roberto VecchioniIn 1977 he reached success among the general public with its most successful song, Samarcanda, based on a legend of a soldier who tried to escape from death. The introduction with violin was composed and performed by Angelo Branduardi. In the late seventies and early eighties, he was also anchorman of Telebigino, aired in the afternoon for three hours during which he helped young viewers to translate live Latin and Greek texts they had as homework for the next day. He is married to writer Daria Colombo.

Official website: http://www.vecchioni.it/

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