Sapore di Sale, Gino Paoli

This great song is forever imprinted in the memory of millions of Italians with images of summer at the beach and romantic love. The song was written in 1963, in the wake of a passionate love story with actress Stefania Sandrelli, then a minor, and had an extraordinary success.
Arranged by Ennio Morricone, with Gato Barbieri at the sax, a perfect combination of text and music, melodic yet rhythmic at the same time, "Sapore di sale" is unique also for the slow, almost sensual interpretation of Gino Paoli.

Sapore di Sale, Gino PaoliSuccess hit the artist at a difficult time in his private life, with his wife pregnant of their first child, and the scandal of the adultery. Paoli shot himself in the heart, he did not die, but the doctors decided not to extract the bullet because it was too risky, and the songwriter still has it near his heart.

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Sapore di sale,
sapore di mare
che hai sulla pelle,
che hai sulle labbra
A taste of salt,
a taste of the sea
that you have on your skin,
that you have on your lips
quando esci dall'acqua
e ti vieni a sdraiare
vicino a me, vicino a me.
when you go out of the water
and come and lie down
beside me, beside me.
Sapore di sale,
sapore di mare
un gusto un po' amaro
di cose perdute
A taste of salt,
a taste of the sea
a slightly bitter taste
of lost things
di cose lasciate
lontano da noi
dove il mondo è diverso,
diverso da qui.
of things behind
far away from us
where the world is different,
different from here.
Il tempo è nei giorni
che passano pigri
e lasciano in bocca
il gusto del sale
Time is in the days
that pass lazily
and leave in your mouth
a taste of salt
ti butti nell'acqua
e mi lasci a guardarti
e rimango da solo
nella sabbia e nel sole.
you jump into the water
and leave me looking at you
and I remain here alone
in the sand and in the sun.
Poi torni vicino
e ti lasci cadere
così nella sabbia
e nelle mie braccia
Then you come back near
and let yourself fall down
like this in the sand
and in my arms
e mentre ti bacio
sapore di sale
sapore di mare,
sapore di te.
and while I kiss you
a taste of salt
a taste of the sea,
a taste of you.