Il Cantico delle Creature, Angelo Branduardi

This piece is acknowledgedly among Branduardi's greatest accomplishments.
Branduardi studied the melodies and instruments of the Italian early Middle Ages to recreate the music that accompanied this exceptional piece of Italian poetry and mystic literature: the Cantico delle Creature composed by Francis of Assisi, a lyric of such great beauty and spiritual simplicity that in the centuries has spoken to hearts of any faith.

The poem was originally accompanied by music, but this was lost and forgotten. Angelo Branduardi, with slight adaptations of the original words, has really created a masterpiece.

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A Te solo Buon Signore
si confanno gloria e onore
a Te ogni laude et benedizione
a Te solo si confanno
che l'altissimo Tu sei
e null'omo degno è
Te mentovare.
To You only Good Lord
glory and honor befit
every praise et blessing
To You only befit
You are the Highest
and no man is worthy
to mention You.
Sii laudato Mio Signore
con le Tue creature
specialmente Frate Sole
e la sua luce.
Be praised my Lord
with your creatures
especially Brother Sun
and its light.
Tu ci illumini di lui
che è bellezza e splendore
di Te Altissimo Signore
porta il segno.
You enlighten us with him
that is beauty and splendor
of Thee Almighty Lord
he bears the mark.
Sii laudato Mio Signore
per sorelle Luna e Stelle
che Tu in cielo le hai formate
chiare e belle.
Be praised my Lord
for Sisters Moon and Stars
that You in the sky created
shining and beautiful.
Si laudato per Frate Vento
Aria, nuvole e maltempo
che alle Tue creature
dan sostentamento.
Be praised for Brother Wind
Air, clouds and bad weather
that to your creatures
give livelihood.
Sii laudato Mio Signore
per sorella nostra Acqua
ella è casta, molto utile
e preziosa.
Be praised my Lord
for our sister Water
she is chaste, very useful
and precious.
Sii laudato per Frate Foco
che ci illumina la notte
ed è bello, giocondo
e robusto e forte.
Be praised for Brother Fire
that lights up our night
and is beautiful, joyous
and robust and strong.
Sii laudato Mio Signore
per la nostra Madre Terra
ella è che ci sostenta
e ci governa
Be praised my Lord
for our Mother Earth
it is she that supports us
and governs us
Sii laudato Mio Signore
vari frutti Lei produce
molti fiori coloriti
e verde l'erba.
Be praised my Lord
various fruits she bears
many colorful flowers
and green grass.
Sii laudato per coloro
che perdonano per il Tuo amore
sopportando infermità
e tribolazione
Be praised for those
who forgive for Your love
enduring illness
and tribulation
e beati sian coloro
che cammineranno in pace
che da te Buon Signore
avran corona.
and blessed be those
who will walk in peace
that from you Good Lord
will have a crown.
Sii laudato Mio Signore
per la Morte corporale
chè da lei nessun che vive
può scappare
Be praised my Lord
for Bodily Death
for from Her nobody living
can escape
e beati saran quelli
nella Tua volontà
che Sorella Morte
non gli farà male.
and blessed will be those
in Your will
that Sister Death
will not harm them.