Learn Italian through songs

This section on Italian songs can be a nice way to improve your knowledge of the Italian language, with famous pop or traditional songs that you can listen to, read in the original and follow in the English translation. Moreover, it is an introduction to the different regional cultures of Italy, with their folk heritage passed by across generations thanks to the songs and dances of the oral tradition.

Songs can be great fun, and a formidable tool for learning a foreign language, with lyrics offering a huge wealth of words and phrases. Listening to, and/or singing along, will improve your language skills effortlessly. Repetition is one of the pillars of memory, and pleasurable activities help to avoid boredom. The results can be truly amazing!


Christmas Songs


Theme song of Aggiungi un Posto a Tavola | from "Rinaldo in campo": Siamo rimasti in tre | from "La gatta Cenerentola": Oi mamma ca mò vene

Patriotic Songs

Traditional Songs

Old Pop Songs

1930's: Mamma | 1940's: Maramao perché sei morto? | 1950's: Casetta in Canadà
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Italian Children's Songs

Alpini Songs

Italian Regional Songs

Italian Artists