Origin and Etymology of Italian Surnames: Z‑

The list includes a possible, or accepted, etymology of many Italian surnames, beginning with "Z-", as well as, where data is available, their geographical or historical origin and current distribution.

Alphabetical Index

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From the first name Sabato = Saturday, very rare, given to the children born in said day of the week
Zaccardi, Zaccardo
From the fist name Zaccaria or from the Neapolitan dialect word "zaccaro" = boy
Zacchi, Zacchelli, Zacchetti, Zacconi
From the first name Giacomo (Zacomo), Giacobo, Giacopo, Giacobbe, derived from the Hebrew "Yaaquob" = God has protected
Zappa, Zappacosta, Zappalorto, Zappaterra, Zappavigna, Zappulla, Zapparoli, Zappatore, Zappitelli, Zappi
From the word "zappa" = hoe; surname connected to the job of the farmers
Zara, Zaratino, Zarattino, Zarattini, Zaratini
From the name of the town of Zara, in Croatia
From a dialect word meaning piece of salted and dry animal meat
Zavarella, Zavarelle
From a dialect word "zavatta", ciabatta = slipper (shoes)
Ziccardi, Ziccardo
From the dialect word "zicche" = occasion
Zinni, Zinno
Possibly from the dialect words "zinnu" or "zinna" = small, little
Zorzelli, Zorzello, Zorzini, Zorzin, Zorzil, Zorzon, Zorzenon, Zorzani, Zorzan, Zorzanello, Zurzuli, Zorzulli, Zorzalo, Zorzallo, Zorzal, Zorzutti
From the first name Giorgio, deriving from the Greek word "gheorgos" = farmer
Zucaro, Zuccarini, Zuccari, Zuccarelli, Zuccarini, Zuccarino, Zuccherino, Zuccherini
From the word "zucchero" = sugar, used as a nickname for a sweet and good person
Zucco, Zuccola
From the first name Giacomo, Giacobo, Giacopo, Giacobbe, derived from the Hebrew "Yaaquob" = God has protected
Zulli, Zullo
Possibly from the Greek surname "Tsulos", from Giulio.
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