Origin and Etymology of Italian Surnames: V‑

The list includes a possible, or accepted, etymology of many Italian surnames, beginning with "V-", as well as, where data is available, their geographical or historical origin and current distribution.

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From the Latin word "vadum" = ford, to indicate the place of origin of the family
From the first name Valente, derived from the Latin name "Valens, Valentis", from the Latin verb valere = to be well, healthy
Valeri, Valerio, Valleri, Valerini, Valeriani
From the first name Valerio, derived from the Latin name "Valerius", from the Latin verb valere = to be well, healthy
From the word "valle" = valley
Valter, Valtieri
From the German first name Gualtiero, derived from "Waldhari", consisting of "waldaz" = leader and "harja" = army
From the first name Giovanni, derived from the Hebrew "Yohanan", consisting of "Yahwè" = God and "hanan" = to be merciful
From the Latin name "Varius" the suffix -anus means property of Varius; used as a nickname for someone that lives in or comes from the property of Varrius
From the first name Basilio, derived from the Latin "Basilius" from the Greek "basilieios" = of the king
Vecchia, Vecchini, Vecchioni
From the adjective "vecchio" = old. To indicate originally probably children of old parents
Venerio, Veneroso, Veneranda
It is not clear the origin of this surname. Probably from the old Abbey of San Giovanni in Venere, in Abruzzo region, or from the cult of Saint Venerio or Saint Veneranda
Venditti, Vendetto, Venditto
From the first name Benedetto meaning blessed, from the latin verb "benedicere", to bless.
Veneziale, Veneziano, Veneziani
From the city of Venezia = Venice; used to indicate someone from Venice or from the Veneto region
Ventresca, Ventresco
From the dialect word "ventresca" = dressed pork product
Ventura, Venturi, Venturini, Venturato, Venturoli
From the word "ventura" = good luck, Also an abbreviation of the first name Bonaventura
From the German first name "Verardo", consisting of "waria-" = army or "wara" = to protect or to defend
Verdecchia, Verdicchio, Verdacchi, Verdone, Verdelli, Verdi
From the word "verde" = green
Vergotti, Vergone, Vergari, Vergano
From the word "verga" = stick used by shepherds and farmers
Verratti, Verratto
From the Verrino river, in Molise or from the word "verro" = male pig used for the reproduction
Verrecchia, Verrecchio, Verrocchio, Verretta, Verretti, Verricello, Verricelli, Verrina
From the Latin word "verrus" = male pig used for the reproduction. Nickname for someone that works with pigs
Vielmi, Vielmetti, Vielmini
From the first name Guglielmo, derived from the German name consisting of "wilian" = will and "hëlma-" = helmet
From the first name Oliviero
From the word "verga" = stick used by shepherds and farmers
Virrina, Virrini
From the Latin word "verrus" = male pig
Vespa, Vespone, Vespini, Vespucci
From the word "vespa" = wasp
From the ancient italic population Vestini, located in the area between Pescara and Atri, Abruzzo region
Villa, Villetti, Villino, Villotta, Villone, Villasco, Villata
From the Latin word "villa", used in the Middle Ages for a small village
Probably from the Latin word "vinco" = wicker; also derived from the verb "vincere" = to win
From the first name Vincenzo, derived from the Latin "vincens" = the winner
Vinciguerra, Vincimala, Vincimali, Vinciprova
Consisting of two words: "vincere" = to win and "guerra" = war
Visco, Vesco, Veschi, Vischi, Viscovo
From the word "vescovo" = bishop, deriveed from the Greca "episkopos"
From the first name Vitale, derived from the Latin greeting "Vitalis" = who gives the life, who will live well etc
From the word "vitello" = veal; also derived from the first name Vito
Volpe, Volpi, Vulpi, Volpella, Volpicella, Volpini, Volponi, Volpati
From the word "volpe" = fox; a nickname for either a physical or character feature.
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