Origin and Etymology of Italian Surnames: T‑

The list includes a possible, or accepted, etymology of many Italian surnames, beginning with "T-", as well as, where data is available, their geographical or historical origin and current distribution.

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Taccone, Tacconi, Tacchini, Tacchetto, Taccarelli, Tacchella, Tacchelli, Tacchia, Tacca, Tacco
From the word "taccone" = patch, derived from a job; also from the Germanic first name Takko, derived from thaka = roof, protection. The word "tacco" means heel, block, chock
Taddei, Taddeo, Taddia, Taddeini, Tadini, Tadolini, Taddeucci
From the first name Taddeo
From the name of the town of Tagliacozzo, province of L'Aquila
From the word "tagliere" = a wood kitchen tool where is cut the food or where is prepared the homemade pasta; to indicate a person that used those tools for the job
Tamburro, Tamburo, Tamburri, Tamburelli, Tamburini, Tamburlini, Tamborino, Tammurello, Tamburin
From the word "tamburo" = drums; to indicate someone that plays that musical instrument
Tancredi, Tangredi
From the first name Tancredo of German origin, consisting of "thanka" = thinking and "rhada" = advise
From the first name Lattanzio, derived from the Latin "Lactantius" from an ancient vegetation goddess "Lactans"
Taraborrelli, Taraborrello
From the name of the town of Borrello, province of Chieti, derived from "Burrello", name of a branch of the Great Counts of Marsi. In the past the town was named also "Terra Burrelli" = land of Burrello.
From the Latin scientific name of a plant "taraxacum officinalis", in dialect "tarasseche" = a kind of Flower (Dente di leone)
Taricani, Tariccone, Tarricane
Probably from the Arab root "tariq" meaning "who arrives during the night"
Tarquini, Tarquinio, Tarquinia
From the first name Tarquinio, derived from the Latin "tarquinius" = someone from Tarquinia
From the word tartaglia = stutterer, used as a nickname
Tassoni, Tassi, Tasselli, Tassino, Tasini, Tassotto, Tassone, Tassoni, Tassani, Tassinari, Tasinato
From the word "tasso" with its different meanings = badger and also a kind of tree
Taviani, Tavian
From the first name Ottavio, derived from the noble family name "Octavia". Name given by the Romans to the 8th child born in a family
Teodori, Todari, Todaro, Totaro
From the first name Teodoro, derived from the Greek name "Theodoros" = gift of God
Tedeschi, Tedesco, Todesco, Tedisco, Tudisco, Todisco, Todeschini
From the word "tedesco" = someone from Germany
From the word "tenaglia" = pincers, to indicate someone who works with that
Testa, Testi, Testoni, Testini, Testai, Testani
From the word "testa" = head, derived from the Latin "testam" = shell, used as a nickname for physic or intellectual characteristics
Probably from Albania, derived from the name of the town of Theti or from the Greek word "thetes" = laborers
Tiberi, Tiberio, Tiberia
From the first name Tiberio, derived from the "tiberius" = someone born or that lives near the Tiber river
Tieri, Tiero
From the German first name Gualtiero, derived from "Waldhari", consisting of "waldaz" = boss, powerful and "harja" = army
Tirabassi, Tirabasso
Probably a nickname, from the dialect expression "tira abbasso" (draw downward"
Tollis, Tollo
From the name of the town of Tollo; also derived from the Latin first name Tullus, Tullius
Tomaro, Tomara, Tomaria, Tomaia, Tomari, Tomai
From the medieval Latin "tomaria", tomaia = the superior part of the shoe.
Tommasi, Tomassetti, Tommaso, Tomasi, Tomas, Tomaz, Tomà, Tomati, Tomatis, Tomat, Tomadi, Tomado, Tomasich, Tomassich, Tommaselli, Tommasello, Tommasella, Tommasetti, Tommasini, Tommasuzzi, Tommasoni, Tommaseo, Tomaselli, Tomasello, Tomasella, Tomasetti, Tomassetti, Tomasini, Tomasino, Tomasin, Tomassini, Tomasicchio, Tomasuzzi, Tomasoni, Tomassoni, Tomasutti, Tomadini, Tomadoni, Tomaelli, Tomaello, Tomaella, Tomaino
From the first name Tommaso of Aramaic origin meaning twin
Consisting of two words: "tonto" = simpleton and donato from the Latin "Donatus", possibly an association of a nickname and a father's name
Toro, Tori
More locally, in central Italy, may have originated from the locality ot Toro in Molise, derived from the latin word "torus" = heap of land. It may also derive from Salvatore, or be a nickname referring to exceptional strength.
Tulio, Tullo
From the first name Tullio, derived from the latin family name "Tullius"
Turino, Turitto
From the word "ventura" = good luck. Also derived from an abbreviation of the first name Bonaventura.
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