Origin and Etymology of Italian Surnames: R‑

The list includes a possible, or accepted, etymology of many Italian surnames, beginning with "R-", as well as, where data is available, their geographical or historical origin and current distribution.

Alphabetical Index

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Rabottini, Rabottino, Rabotini
From the regional word "rabotino, rabbottino" = plane. To indicate someone that uses this tool (carpenter)
Raimondo, Ramondo, Remondo, Ramundo, Ramunni, Ramondelli, Ramondino, Rimondini
From the German first name Raimondo, consisting of "ragin" = decision inspired by the Gods and "munda" = protection
Rainaldi, Ranalli, Ranallo
From the first name Rinaldo of German origin
Ranieri, Raniero, Rainieri, Raineri, Raneri, Renieri, Renier, Rinero
From the medieval first name Raneri
From the town of Rapino, to indicate origin
Rastelli, Rastrelli, Rastello, Rastiello, Rastro
From the Latin word "Rastrellus" = rake
Reale, Reali
From the word "re" = king
Recchia, Recchiuti Recchiuto Ricchiuto Ricchiuti
From the Italian word "orecchia" = ear. Possibly as a nickname to indicate a person with large ears
Remigio, Remigi, Remigia
From the first name Remigio; derives from the Latin "remedium" = medicine
Renzo, Renzetti
From the first name Lorenzo
Ricci, Riccio, Rizzi, Rizzo, Rizza, Risso, Riccelli, Ricciarelli, Riccetti, Riccini, Riccioli, Ricciolino, Ricciulli, Ricciotti, Riccioni, Ricciuto, Ricceri, Riccitiello, Rizzello, Rizziello, Rizzetti, Rizzetto, Rizzini, Rizzoli, Rizzola, Rizzotti, Rizzoni, Rizzone, Rizzari, Rizzato, Rizzieri, Rizzuti, Rissolo
All derived from the adjective "riccio" meaning curly (hair)
Ricciardi, Rizzardi, Ricciardelli, Ricciardella
From the ancient French first name Richard
Ridolfi, Ridolfo, Redolfi, Ridulfo, Rao, Raucci, Raho, Rodolfi
From the first name Rodolfo of German origin, consisting of "hroth" = fame, glory and "wulfa" = wolf
Rinaldi, Rinaldo, Rinaldis, Rainaldo, Ranaldo, Renaldi, Rinaudo, Rinauro Reinaudi Reynaudi, Ranaudo, Ranauro, Ranaulo, Ranavolo, Rainoldi, Renoldi, Rinallo, Ranalli, Rinaldelli, Rinaldini, Rinaldin, Renaldini, Rinalduzzi, Rainalducci, Ranucci, Ranuzzi
From the first name Rinaldo of German origin
Ripani, Riva, Ripa
From the word "riva", in Latin "ripa" = shore, bank. To indicate a family that lives near a shore or a bank or coming from a place with that name
From the word "rocca" = rock or fortress. Derived from the name of a place, common all around Italy
Rocco, Rocci
From the first name "Rocco". Or derived from names of place consisting of the word "rocca" = rock
From the word "rocca" = rock or fortress. Or a fusion of the two names Rocco and Giovanni
Rocchelli, Rocchesani, Rocchesi Rocchetti, Rocchini, Roccuzzo Rocconi, Roccardi, Rocchesso, Roccato
From the first name "Rocco", or derived from the word "rocca" = rock
Romagnoli, Romagna, Romagnoni, Romagnino
From the name of the region of Emilia Romagna, to indicate someone coming from there
Romano, Romani, Romanelli, Romanetti, Romanini, Romanazzi, Romanati, Romanatti
From the adjective "romano" = citizen of Rome
Rosa, Rosello, Rosati, Roselli, Rosellini, Rosiello, Rosetti, Rosini, Rosoni, Rosatto
From the name of the flower, "rosa"= rose
Rossi, Rosso, Rossa, Russi, Russo, Ruggiu, Rubiu, Rosselli, Rossello, Rossellini, Rissiello, Rossillo, Rossetti, Rossetto, Rossettini, Rossitti, Rossitto, Rossini, Rossino, Rossotti, Rossotto, Rossini, Rossone, Rossuto, Russello, Russino, Russotti, Russotto, Russiani, Russolillo
Very common, derived from the nickname "rosso" = red, to indicate someone with red hair
Rovere, Roveri, Roverani, Roveratto, Roverati
From "rovere", to indicate a place with oaks
Ruffini, Ruffino, Rufini, Rufino, Ruffinelli, Ruffinoni, Ruffinengo
From the first name Ruffino or Rufino, already used in the 5th century. The Latin first name Rufinus derives from the roman family name "Rufus" from "ruber" = red (hair or beard)
Ruggeri, Ruggiero, Ruggieri, Rugieri, Roggeri, Roglieri, Roggerone
From the first name Ruggiero, introduced in Southern Italy after the Norman domination. It comes from the first name Hrodger, consisting of "hroth" = glory and "gaira-" = lance
Rulli, Rullo, Rollo, Rolli
From the first name Rollo of German origin, imported in Italy by Normans
Ruscitti, Ruscitto, Russo
From the dialect word "ruscetto, ruscetta" = man or woman with red hair or complexion (linked to the ginger hair or a reddish complexion of an ancestor)
Rustici, Rustichelli
from the Latin word "rusticus" = who lives in the country, farmer
Riziero, Risio
From the first name Risio, abbreviation of Riziero. Or from Rizzo, Riccio to indicate someone who has curly hair..
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