Origin and Etymology of Italian Surnames: O‑

The list includes a possible, or accepted, etymology of many Italian surnames, beginning with "O-", as well as, where data is available, their geographical or historical origin and current distribution.

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Occhionero, Occhinero, Occhinegro
Consisting of two words: "occhio" = eye and "nero" = dark, black. To indicate the eyes color of a person, possibly a nickname.
Oddi, Odda, Oddono, Odone
From the first name Oddo, Otto, Odo of German origin
Odoardi, Odoardo
From the German first name Edoardo = guardian of the property
Odorisio, Odorico, Oderico
From the first name Odorico of German origin meaning rich, noble
From the first name Oliviero
From the word "oriente" = east, orient. To indicate, probably, the place of origin of the family
From the first name Orlando, derived from the old name Rolando
Orsi, Orsini, Orselli, Orsetti, Orsolini
From the word "orso" = bear, used also as a nickname to indicate a strong person
From the name of the town of Ortona. To indicate someone coming from there
Ottaviano, Ottaiano
From the first name Ottavio, derived from the noble family name "Octavia". Name given by the Romans to the 8th child born
Ovidia, Ovidio
From the first name Ovidio, derived from the Latin family name "Ovidius", from the word "ovis" = ship. Name given to a shepherd.
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