Origin and Etymology of Italian Surnames: N‑

The list includes a possible, or accepted, etymology of many Italian surnames, beginning with "N-", as well as, where data is available, their geographical or historical origin and current distribution.

Alphabetical Index

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From the first name Nanni, abbreviation of the first name Giovanni
Napoleone, Napolioni, Napoleoni
From the German first name "Nibelung", from "nebel" = fog
Narcisi, Narciso, Narcisa
From the first name Narciso of Greek origin. According the legend it is the name of the mythical hansom youth. Also the name of a flower. Probably used as a nickname to indicate a vain person
Nardi, Nardo, Nardelli, Nardello, Nardiello, Nardella, Nardilli, Nardulli, Nardini, Nardin, Narducci, Narduzzi, Nardoni, Nardone, Nardon, Nardari
From the first name Nardo, deriving from the first name Leonardo or Bernardo
Nasuti, Nasuto, Nasuta
From the word "naso" = nose, used as a nickname to someone who has a big or strange nose
Natale, Natali, Nadali, Nataletti, Natalini, Nadalini, Natalucci, Natalizi, Nadalutti, Naletto, Nadini, Nalato, Nalesso
From the first name Natale, = Christmas, derived from the Latin "dies natalis" = day of birth, name given to the children born on Christmas day
Derived from the dialect word "nappa" = big nose or derived from the dialect word "nepatella" = wild mint plant
Niro, Neri, Nerini, Nerucci, Neroni
From the surname Neri, derived from the first name Rinieri, popular form of the Tuscany surname Ranieri. Or derived from word "nero" = black
Nobilio, Nobili, Nobilini
From the word "nobile" = noble
From the Latin word "nurus" = son in law
Notte, Notti
From the word "notte" = night
Nucci, Nuccio, Nuzzi, Nuzzo, Nuzzoli
From the first name Nuccio or Nuzzo, abbreviation of Antoniuccio, Rinuccio etc, Also derived from the town of Nuccio, province of Trapani.
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