Origin and Etymology of Italian Surnames: E‑

The list includes a possible, or accepted, etymology of many Italian surnames, beginning with "E-", as well as, where data is available, their geographical or historical origin and current distribution.

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Edoarda, Edoardo, Eduardo
From the German first name Edoardo = guardian of the property
Elce, Elci
From the poetic word "elce" that means "leccio" = holm oak
Derived from the German helm ( protection, helmet) though in Italian it is also a variation of Ermo (short for Erasmo); as a matter of fact, the true name of Sant'Elmo was Erasmo from Formia.
Emidia, Emili, Emiliani
From the first name Emilio. Also to identify someone coming from the Emilia Region
From the word "vescovo" = bishop. It derives from the greek "episkopos"
From the ancient italic population of Equi, located in the area of Carsoli and Celano
From the first name of Eramo or Erasmo; it derives from the Greek word "eros" = love
Ercoli, Ercolani, Ercolano, Ercole, Ercoles, Ercolesi, Ercolessi, Ercolino
From the Latin first name Hercules or Herculanus (sacred to Hercules). It could be a nickname for a strong man
From the first name of Eramo or Erasmo; it derives from the Greek word "eros" = love
Esposito, Esposti
From the Latin "expositus", used for infants abandoned by parents
Ettora, Ettore, Ettorino, Ettorre
From the first name Ettore of Greek origin
Evangelista Evangelisti
From the Christian first name Evangelista, to indicate the four writers of the Gospel, who announces the "good news".
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