Origin and Etymology of Italian Surnames: from Ab‑ to Am‑

The list includes a possible, or accepted, etymology of many Italian surnames, beginning with "A-", as well as, where data is available, their geographical or historical origin and current distribution.

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Abba, Abbate, Abate, Abati
Abbo, Abbondi, Bondi
Patronimic, from the first name Abramo, of Hebrew origin.
Acardi, Accardi, Accardo
From the German origine akhard, consisting of aki (wound) or agi (fear) and hart (hard) as a nickname for a strong warrior.
Acciari, Acciaro, Acciaroli
From the profession of steel worker or axe maker.
Accorsi, Accorso, Accursio, Accurso
From the Latin verb "adcurro" meaning come in defence or help.
Acerbi, Acerbis, Acerbo
From "acerbus", meaning "cruel" or "too early" (of a premature infant). In the Middle Ages it was common to say "acerba sorte" to mean a cruel destiny.
Acqua, Acquarone, Acquati
Connected to a name of place containing the word "acqua" (water) or to the ancient job of water carrier (vaticale).
Possibly from the name of a place where a water spring was present (ex. Acquaviva Collecroce).
Adami, Adamo, Adamoli, Adamelli, Adamolli, Ademollo
Patronimic, from the name Dario = that who owns goodness.
Patronimic, from the name Dazio, connected to the cult of San Dazio, an martyr in Africa.
Patronimic, from the first name Ferrante.
Agnello, Agnelli, Agnelluti, Agnellutti
Patronimic, from a first name common in the Middle Ages.
Agnese, Agnesi, D'agnese, Agnesini
Agosti, Agostinelli, Agostini, Agostinone
Patronimic, from the imperial attribute "Augustus" = favored by good omens, or possibly also connected to a birth in August.
Aguzzi, Aguzzo
From an ancient Roman cognomen, "Acutus".
Aiala, Ajala
Typical Sicilian surname, possibly of Spanish or Arabic origin (ayal= deer).
Aiello, Ajello
From the Latin word agellum = small field.
Aiolfi, Aiolfo
Patronimic, from the German name Agilulfo agi (awe) and wolf, meaning someone feared like a wolf.
Airaldi, Airoldi, Airoldo, Araldi, Araldo, Arioldi, Arioldo
Patronimic, from the German name Ariovaldo consisting of haria (army) and waldan (to lead), meaning "that who leads the army".
Aiuto, Aiuti
From a first name used in the Middle Ages and early Christian period as "Diotaiuti" menaing "may God help you" given in good omen, sometimes to orphaned children.
From the nickname "alemannus", of German origin.
Albanese, Albanesi
Originary from Albania. Since the 15th century many colonies of people from Albania moved to Abruzzi, Molise, Apulia, Calabria, Sicily.
Albani, Albano
Toponimic, from many names of places in Italy (Alba, Albano).
Alberani, Alberi, Albero, Alberoni, Arbore, Arboreto
From the Latin word "arbor" = tree, connected possibly to a job as woodcutter.
Alberici, Alberighi, Albrici, Albrisio, Albrizio
Patronimic, from the Gothic name Alberico, consisting of albhi (elf) and rix (lord) meaning Lord of the elves.
Alberti and variations
Albini, Albino, Albinoni
Possibly from the nickname "albinus", person with light skin and white hair.
Albrizio and variations
Aldebrandi, Aldobrandi, Aldobrando, Aldovrando, Altebrandi, Altebrando, Altobrandi, Altobrando
Patronimic, from the German name Aldobrando consisting of alda (wise) or alt (old) and branda (sward).
Alemagna, Alemani, Alemanni
See Alamanni.
Alessandri, Alessandrini, Alessandrino, Alessandro, Alessandrone
From the name Alessandro (Alexander). It became popular because of the Romance (XII century) about Alexander the Great.
Alfano, Alfani
Alfero, Alfiere, Alfieri, Allieri, Alliero, Auferio
Possible origins: patronimic, from the German Adalferio consisting ofi athala (nobility) and faran (travel); or Arabic from al faris (knight) or al faras (horse).
Alfonsetti, Alfonsi, Alfonso, Alfonsoni, Alfonzo
From the first name Alfonso.
Aliotta, Aliotti, Aliotto
Alinari, Alineri, Alinei, Alieri
Patronimic, from the Frankish Alinario consisting of alian (power) and haria (army).
Aliperti, Aliverti
From the German first name Alberto, deriving from Adalberto = famous for nobility.
Allevi, Allievi, Alleva
From a first name used in the Middle Ages and early Christian period as "Diotallevi" menaing "may God raise you" given in good omen, sometimes to orphaned children.
Aloia, Aloja
Patronimic, from the dialect version ov the name Eligio, used in Apulia and Campania.
Aloisa, Aloise, Aloisi, Aloisio, Alvise, Alvisio
Patronimic, from the ancient German name Lodovico, changed into Aloysius.
From the Spanish first name Alonso.
Toponimic, from the town of Altamura (BAri).
Alvisa, Alviso, Alvisi
From the first name Aloisio (Luigi) from the ancient French name "Loois" o "Luois" deriving from the German first name Lodovico.
Amadei, Amadeo and variations
Amantea, Amantia
From the locality of Amantea, region of Basilicata.
From the Latin first name "Mantius" or from the Calabrese dialect word "manzu" meaning "mansueto" "tame".
Amata, Amato, Amatucci, Amatulli
From the Latin Amatus = loved by God.
Ambrogetti, Ambrogi, Ambrogio, Ambrosetti, Ambrosin, Ambrosio
From the first name Ambrogio, with its many variants has spread throughout the peninsula due to the cult of St. Ambrose in Milan. Derived from the Latin personal name Ambrosius, which in its turn derives from the Greek word Ambròsios = immortal.
Ameglio, Ameli, Amelio, Amelli, Amellio
Two possible etymologies: from the Latin Amelius originating from an Etruscan name, or from the Amali, a powerful Goth tribe.
From the first name Amico, deriving from the Latin word "amicus" = friend.
Surname derived from the job of the "massaro", boss of farmers.
Amorelli, Amorese, Amoretti, Amori, Amoroso
One possible derivation is from the nickname given at times to children born out of wedlock: child of love.
Anastasi, Anastasio
Patronimic, from the Greek name Anastasios.
From Lancellotti; it derives from the name of Lancelot, knight of the Round Table, name diffused in 13th century.
Andrea, André, Andreani, Andreasi, Andreatta, Andreazza, Andreazzi, Andrei, Andreini, Andrenacci, Andreotti, Andreoletti, Andreoli, Andreoni, Andretti, Andreutti, Andriani, Andrich
From the first name Andrea, deriving from the Greek name Andreas, transformation of the Greek word "anér" = man.
Anelli, Anello, Anielli, Aniello
From the word "anello" = ring, or from "agnellus" meaning lamb.
Angeletti, Angeli, Angelini, Angelo, Angelone, Angeloni, Angiolini, Angiolo
Patronimic, from the first name Angelo.
Annibale, Annibali, Annibaldi, Anniballo, Anniballi
Patronimic, from the first name Annibale, derived from the Punic (Phoenician) Hannibal.
Annuncio, Annunzia, Annunziata, Annunziato, Annunzio
Patronimic, from the name Annunzio, diminutive of Annunziato that comes from the female name Annunziata. It is a Christian name deriving from Maria Santissima Annunziata.
Ansaldi, Ansaldo
Patronimic, from the Lombard first name Ansoaldo.
Anselmi, Anselmo, Anzelmi, Anzelmo
Patronimic, from the Lombard first name Anselmo consisting of ans (god) ed helm (helmet), meaning God's helmet, or defender.
Ansovini, Ansovino, Anzovini, Anzovino
Patronimic, from the Lombard name Ansovino, consisting of ans (god) e win (friend).
Antenucci, Antenuccia, Antenuccio, Antognazzi, Antognozzi, Antona, Antonacci, Antonazzi, Antonazzo, Antonelli, Antoni, Antoniani, Antoniazzi, Antonicelli, Antonini/O, Antonioli/O, Antonione, Antonioni, Antoniotti/O, Antoniozzi
From the first name Antonio and its derivations Antonuccio, Antonello.
Patronimic, from the Greek first name Antinore.
Possibly toponimic, meaning from Antiochia.
Antola, Antolini, Antolino
Either toponimic, from the area of Mount Antola in Liguria, or a patronimic derived from a diminutive form of the name Antonio.
Apolloni, Apollonio, Appollonio, Appolloni
From the first name Apollonio.
It derives from the name of the Puglia region; it means inhabitant of Puglia.
Aquila, Aquili
Originary of Aquila, capital city of Abruzzo, or nickname connected to the bird (eagle).
Arcaini, Arcari, Arcarini, Arcaro
From the name of a job, arcaro being a craftsman who made wooden container for bread (arca) or for valuables.
Arcangela Arcangelo Arcangiolo
From the first name Arcangelo; it derives from the Greek word "archangelos" = leader of Angels.
Arcellaio, Arcellai, Arcelli, Arcellone, Arcelloni
Probably derived from the craft of bow-maker.
Ardemagni, Ardemani, Ardemanni
From the german name Ardemanno consisting of hard (strong) and mann (man).
Probably from the German name Ardigo, derived from hard (strong).
Ardini, Ardino, Ardovini, Ardovino, Arduini, Arduino
Patronimic, from the German Hardwin, Arduino, consisting of hard (strong) e win (friend).
Ardizzi, Ardizzone, Ardizzoni
Patronimic, from the German name Arditio (coming from hard).
Arena, Areni
Toponimic, from "arena" meaning sandy land.
Armani, Armanini, Armanni, Armanno, Armagno
Armelli, Armellini and variations
Armenti, Armento
Possibly connected to sheep raising, being armento a flock.
Arpini, Arpino
Toponimic, from the town of Arpino in Lazio.
Arrigo, Arrigoni, Endrigo, D'errico and variations
From the first name Ascanio.
Ascensa, Ascenso, Ascenza, Ascenzo
From the first name Ascenso; it is a name connected to the Christian devotion to the Christ "Ascension".
Astolfi, Astolfo, Astolfoni
From the first name Astolfo, of German origin.
Astore, Astori
From the name of the bird (goshawk) used by hunters in the Middle ages, possibly derived from aprofession of bird trainer or a physical/psychological trait.
Atanasi, Atanasio, Attanasi, Attanasio
Patronimic, from the Greec name Athanasios meaning immortal.
From the Etruscan first name Attilio.
Aulerio, Aulo
From the first name Aulo.
From the first name Auro.
Auregli, Aureli, Aurelio
From the first name Aurelius, of Latin origin.
Aurino, Aurizio, Auro
From the first name Auro.
Origin unknown, possibly metronimic (derived from a mother's name), or from a coatofarms representing a rising sun, or a nickname of good omen.
Avaldi, Avalli, Avallone
Possibly toponimic from an Italic "abel" or Celtic "aval" (apple) (see the mythical Avalon).
Avogadro, Avogadri, Avogari, Avogaro
Probably derived from the profession of "avvocato", lawyer.
Azzali, Azzari
Probably derived from the profession of steel maker, or maker of axes (aza = axe).
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