Emigrants' Bulletins, Italy

Official Bulletins were published by the Italian State during the late 19th century with lists of Italians who deceased or married or were born abroad, whose origin or residence in Italy were unknown.
The bulletins were published during the late 19th century and available as digital images online (Archivio di Stato di La Spezia/Anagrafe/Italia/), and in the catalogue 196, 12, 1837-1900. The records were transcribed as they appear in the original, in alphabetical order, and refer to the Bulletin of 1890.

Alphabetical Index

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Abbreviations & Notes

  • qm= late
  • piroscafo= steamboat
  • bastimento= ship
  • names of places were left in the Italian language, as they appear.


Supplement to the 29th issue of the Official Bulletin of the Ministry of Law, Justice and Cults: Circular Letter transmitting the 15th list of civil records referring to Itaian citizens of unknown residence. Rome, 10 July 1890.
This is to transmit to your attention the 15th list of documents of birth, marriage and death to be transcribed in the books of civil Records, referring to Italian nationals of unknown residence. According to the procedure enacted in previous years, a copy of said list is to be posted for two months at least in the townhall of each municipality, and also posted on festive days in the usual place. The Royal Attorneys shall then transmit to this Ministry any information they may have received on the individuals appearing in the list. [etc]
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